Brenda’s Healing

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After a very pleasant evening visit with Dan and Denise, Dan offered to pray for me as I had been wearing a 6mm lift in my left shoe for approximately 12 years due to a knee replacement which left one leg longer than the other.

During prayer, I felt my entire left leg, from the hip down, seem to “extend.” Two weeks later I went to my chiropractor and the difference between the leg lengths was only 1/8″.

I told the doctor that I had decided to take the lift out, and asked her to carefully examine the lengths. I prayed for the opportunity to share with her, as I knew she was not a believer. She immediately asked me why I had chosen to do that, and I had the opportunity to share my healing with her. She didn’t know what to say, so was silent….

Three weeks later I returned to the office. She once again examined leg lengths and found them to be less than 1/4″ off. She still does not know what to think of the healing power of God, but the seed is planted, and I am praying….

Thank you, Jesus!

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