Priscilla & Rod Healing Testimonies

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Many thanks to the Healing Rooms Ministry in Scarborough, Maine!!!  My husband Rod and I signed up for prayer on 8/17/17.  (We were visiting Maine for our annual family reunions, his and mine!!!)  The ministry teams were WONDERFUL… full of love, unrushed, and they ministered with spot-on discernment!!!  My husband’s leg was experiencing limited range of motion with a lot of pain… but, praise God, the sciatica pain is GONE and it has not re-occurred since!!!  His dry eye is MUCH improved and we “know” that it’s on its way to 100% recovery.  We are “watering” the seeds of healing until we see in the natural what Rod received in the unseen supernatural.  By the way, the twenty-minute video by Cal Pierce prior to ministry was a VERY EFFECTIVE faith builder.  (Thanks!!!)

My (Priscilla’s) session delved around soul issues that I believe were the cause of physical challenges with my stomach’s wall lining.  The intercessory team prayed in a different room while I received prayer ministry.  At least twice, someone entered to report a word and/or picture that one of the intercessors had received.  Longer story short, my challenge was to willingly release and be released!!!  I had been duped into spending significant dollars by another Christian’s slick sales-pitch.  OUCH!!!  That kind of thing hurts more when it generates from a fellow Christian.  By God’s grace, I chose to RELEASE (a.k.a. FORGIVE) that person and her organization.  The team discerned that I had felt deep REJECTION over this matter.  I initially “fussed” at that but, after asking the LORD, He quickly confirmed that my soul was indeed feeling VERY REJECTED.  I would NEVER have guessed that.  It’s nothing short of amazing when God’s discernment enters the picture.  Knowing the CORE ISSUE helped me to be specific when the time came to let go.  I fully expect physical issues to resolve!!!

I also had to be healed of taking on another person’s responsibility for spiritual growth as though it was my own duty to do so.  Not so!!!  I am not called to FIX anyone!!!  I did not realize that trying to “lovingly” FIX someone can boil down to controlling that individual.  OOPS!!!  The team helped me to find the core culprit.  They then helped me to break the vow that had kept me fallaciously tied to that particular someone that I had “over-tried” to help.  NOT MY JOB.  Once the vow and its power were broken, I felt so FREE and I STILL FEEL FREE… I AM FREE… and I WILL CONTINUE TO BE FREE!!!  Amen.

I have since then shared this testimony with several ladies who had to hear the part about not taking up a false responsibility to FIX another person.  We have “coined” an acronym to remind each other if and when we begin to slip into that trap.  We say:  NYC – Not Your Crapola!!!  Crapola does NOT mean excrement (-:   It actually means “Nonsense”…  (It’s really fun to say that!!!)  But, if you prefer to say something that sounds a bit more “spiritual”, you can say: Not Your Care!!! or Not Your Concern!!!  We are to cast ALL of our Cares on the LORD!!!  And the LORD promises to accomplish that which Concerns us!!!  So… you see… as God’s children we do NOT have to carry ANY Crapola, Care, or Concern.  ALL OF THAT MUST BE CAST UPON THE LORD, for HE CARES FOR US!!!  Jesus paid-in-full for our freedom…our responsibility is to release CARES to the LORD and then to apply His WISDOM in the matter!!!  This is my “new” method of operation because I now have a “new” AWARENESS of the all-comprehensive applicability of these *Scriptures …to get FREE!!! …and to STAY FREE!!!  Allelujah!!!


The healing attention we received was spot-on and life-giving.


*Scriptures:  Psalm 55:22 / I Peter 5:6-7 / Psalm 138:8 / Philippians 1:6

In His Care,

Priscilla and Rod Dee, Leland, NC

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