Jesus is the Great Physician of my body and soul

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From the strong testimony of a friend, I felt led to the Healing Rooms, expecting to meet Jesus.  I have not been disappointed, but have found Him there through the loving, wise and powerful ministry He bestows through His well-trained servants there.  I have experienced Jesus as the Great Physician of my body and soul.  Glory to God!

In my first 5 minutes there, my left leg “grew” out to match my right leg to stabilize my back and balance.  In another session, a tune-up prayer was needed for a slight adjustment, so now they are equal again.

Other needs He has met for me there include:

  • Replacing anxieties with assurance He will care for me.
  • RE-directing my attention from carrying unnecessary burdens to seeking ministry opportunities
  • Clearing away layers of resentment and unforgiveness
  • Removing hardness of heart that I had adopted during a time of long discouragement.
  • Cleansing false thoughts about myself away- replacing them with truth- very liberating.

There is always gentleness, warmth, and respect there because Jesus is there with the power to heal and the grace to forgive.  I thank God for this place and this team of servant healers.


Nov 2017

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