Doreen’s Testimony

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I’m so sorry that it took me so long to write this but I have to trust that this is God’s timing. The thought that I should compose a letter to you all about my healing just overcame me tonight so I had to sit right down just before 11:00pm to let you all know how sincerely grateful both Rick and I are! I have been free of any more breakouts from the poison ivy for almost 5 weeks now! This summer was probably the most difficult summer Rick and I have ever had! I believe with all my heart that though poison ivy is a real problem here in NC, that there was much more involved. We may not understand it all until we’re home with the Lord but I certainly know one thing, and that is…He healed me through your fervent prayers and laying on of hands! The night that we stayed over in Sturbridge on our way to Dan and Denise’s, I literally thought I was going home! I had never experienced such sickness which was mostly from the prednisone that I was given to help counter the poison ivy. I told Rick that I didn’t think that I would be able to make it to Maine the next day if I was alive! When I did wake up, the first thing that came to my mind was, “I HAVE to get to Dan and Denise’s, they are having the prayer team over to pray over us!” We pushed through and as they probably remember, I couldn’t stay up very long to visit. I would visit for an hour or so and then go in and lay down for an hour or 2, and go back out to visit for a short time and back to bed again! Like I said, I had never been that sick in my life! My poor husband was so wrung out from just returning from the South Pacific, after a full month of living in the bush and ministering to the Kwaio Tribe and then having to deal with my horrible sickness and bringing me to the ER 8 times within 3 weeks, sometimes late at night! We desperately needed intervention and as soon as you all laid hands on us and started praying, something broke!! I knew that the oppression had lifted and I experienced immediate healing that lasted for 18 wonderful pain free hours! Though some stomach pain returned, it was quite minimal comparatively and only lasted a few more days. I still have had a slight reaction to poison ivy but it also has lessened significantly! After the pain left, I think we mostly suffered from “PTSD like symptoms” from 4 long hard painful months of sickness, stress and a lack of sleep but when we look back, that was the obvious turning point towards my healing! That was a very powerful night and we will never forget the LOVE, the fervent PRAYERS of intercession and the VICTORY that was won that night! We called upon the Lord and He answered!



In Jesus wonderful name,

Rick & Doreen Newton


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