Scars removed & increase in faith

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Nearly twenty years ago I had to have a complete abdominal hernia repair. The damaged lining protecting my stomach was replaced with a mesh that was attached at four corners. The corner attachments were prominent and visual. The operation was not successful and after some time the corners would buckle in and grab hold of my intestines when I would cough or bend. This was very painful and would disable me for days after each episode. Redoing the surgery was not recommended. I had to live never knowing when this would happen again.

I had received and witnessed the Lord’s healing power but had not had faith for this circumstance. When my group asked to pray for my healing, I was very hesitant and wanted to back away but submitted. I knew I was limiting my God by refusing again. This was not a healing that would be immediately obvious. They lay hands on me in faith and immediately I went down and my soul cried out for my God to forgive my unbelief. My faith had been enlarged. I thought I would just have to wait and see if it ever happened again, I didn’t want to wait to know. As I drifted off to sleep that night, I told God that He would just have to remove the scars. And He did!!! When I checked the next morning, I was shocked …checking over and over again… thinking I was imagining this miracle. The two attachment scars on the right side were gone and my stomach was completely smooth!

Validation was received when I had three women check who had seen these scars before. It has been over two years since this creative miracle and I have not experienced one significant episode of the buckling of this mesh stomach lining or then resulting pain and disablement!!! Praise our loving Father God who heals ……..



Saco, Maine

July 2016

Healing from Back Pain

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Firstly, I would like to thank God for bring this healing team into my life. I have suffered from back pain/discomfort for several years. Recently I did something to my lower back which the doctors could not figure out. The pain was extreme at times and affected my ability to do normal everyday things. After two months of treatments and x-rays with very little progress, I went up for prayer at church with The Pascucci’s. What an experience, the holy spirit was present. While they were praying I could feel things moving in my lower back and hips. The pain level decreased a great deal and I had an easier time moving around after this time of prayer. When I saw the doctor a couple days later he was amazed at the change and I told him it was the POWER OF PRAYER!!!

Thank you again for all your support.



June 2016