Prayer of Freedom

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On September 8, 2019, I was prayed for by Dan Pascucci for healing and deliverance from the spirit of fear which had its roots from my childhood upbringing by a strict father.  Recently, in May of 2019, this fear had re-emerged in intensity and pervasiveness at night due to a challenging house project filled with many “unknowns”.  I am kind of a perfectionist and abit OCD, so I can easily overwhelm myself by “making mountains out of molehills” due to the many details and decisions that arose in that situation.

> The spirit of fear (not anxiety) would come upon me at night when I could not sleep and I would lie in my bed and experience a heavy unrelenting spirit filling my mind with “what ifs?” and worst case scenarios which would strengthen and intensify my thoughts and imaginations.  I had never experienced spiritual warfare to this degree but I knew this was serious and it felt paralyzing in my life and faith.  I had prayed to the Lord and asked several close Christian friends to pray for me but the presence of the spirit of fear remained, although varying in intensity.

> I had asked Dan and Denise for prayer after the Saltwater Vineyard Church worship and sermon.  Dan prayed for the oppressive spirit of fear to leave me and healing from fearful memories of my father.  Denise also prayed for a church that we would feel connected to and serve the Lord in…that we would know in our spirits!

> Ever since that Sunday, the spirit of fear is gone!  I feel “normal”…   I can sleep again and feel the close comforting presence of the Lord at night.  I feel restored and healed… stronger, bold and courageous in the Lord with clarity of mind and spirit!  I see situations through the eyes of the Lord…His perspective…not from my former victimized self.  Challenges are a part of life, both big and small, but God is with me providing His perspective, assurance, grace and wisdom to walk with me through life.

> I am deeply touched in my heart and spirit for God, our good Father, reaching out to me in His love and mercy, to deliver me out of the miry clay and set me on solid ground.   PSALM 40:2-3

>  All Glory, Praise and Thanksgiving  to God, our Father, who is able to do all things for His children, for He cares for us.

>                 Sincerely,  Miyo Hall

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