Heart Healing!

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I would like to express my heart felt feelings about the Healing Room.  It was my first experience last summer and what an experience it was.  I went to get a physical healing but left with a deeper healing than imaginable.  It was a heart healing!  This could also be called somewhat of a physical healing as well because it does affect the physical in many ways. 

I was surrounded by 3 godly woman who were willing to go boldly to the throne of grace for me and with me.  We first spoke of why I was there and what I wanted healing for.  My response was, of course, physical but one of the ladies asked if there might be more.  She was impressed after praying that maybe there might be unforgiveness which could possibly be the underlying cause of my illness.  I said “Not that I can think of” and the praying continued.  Another woman, who hadn’t prayed as of yet said that the Lord put on her heart something about a family member or a hurtful situation or something of the sort.  Can’t quite remember precisely her words but it stirred something in me.  We were in “the presence of God” and it all started flowing out of me.  The sorrow, the hurt, the unresolved conflict etc.  Then came the tears, the specific prayer for the “real healing” and then the resolve and then finally FREEDOM! Yes, this went on for an hour and a half.  Oh how sweet to have your burden lifted.  I was like Christian in Pilgrims Progress when he finally had his heavy burden lifted off his back.  Well, you might say that it ended there, but that’s really where it started and continues. All the woman pledged to continue to pray for this deliverance.  I began carrying a posture of forgiveness concerning that situation. That prayer was answered in full several months after by a complete reconciliation between family members who had been estranged for 9 months.  On both sides their hearts were mended as well as mine. The power of prayer broke those chains and God used the Healing Room and all those godly woman who give of themselves faithfully to pray for people like me. That room is powerful!

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