God‘s healing power in my life

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April 2019 I was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. I cannot begin to describe the fear that gripped my wife and me. By the grace of God, I was encouraged to contact Southern Maine Healing Rooms  by a longtime friend of mine who was a former pastor .We live in Oakfield, Maine which is about four hours away from the healing room We were  not able to come to the healing room during your normal hours .We thank you for your kindness and your grace by allowing us to come to the healing room on a Saturday. I admit that I was a little skeptical about the healing room because I knew nothing about healing rooms. I can now tell you that it was the very best thing that my wife and I could have done and how it changed our lives by bringing us much closer to God. You gave us hope, faith, and encouragement and a clearer understanding that God in fact does want to heal .As a result of your healing room and those of you who met with us and God‘s healing power in my life my health has improved dramatically and I am thoroughly convinced that I am going to be completely healed by The healing power of God .I have regained my health and my strength and I really feel great .Recent test results are confirming the fact that God is working in me with his healing. I am also taking a form of hormonal therapy. I thank you Dan and all of those who met with us for giving us the love and encouragement and a clear understanding that it is God’s will to heal that he loves us and that he is no respecter of persons .He is healing me now because I am His child and He loves me and I believe that he will heal you as well because he loves you too.

God‘s blessings be upon you. 

Jim and Helen Blois.

Oakfield Maine May 2020 

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