IAHR-logo1Southern Maine Healing Rooms is affiliated with the International Association of Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington.

As a member of IAHR prescribed training was completed, an advisory board consisting of at least three pastors was formed, a statement of faith that demonstrates unity with IAHR was submitted and personal pastoral references were reviewed by IAHR.

IAHR also serves as our national spiritual covering, with local accountability being provided by the Pastoral Advisory Board. Regional and state coordinators are also in the process of installation to provide support. Each team member must be an active church member in good standing.

IAHR is under the directorship of Rev. Cal Pierce — a man called by God to re-dig the healing wells of John G. Lake in Spokane Washington. Cal not only re-dug the wells of healing, but God has expanded his vision to see healing rooms in every city of the country. Southern Maine Healing Rooms shares that vision.

John G. Lake ministered in Spokane from 1914 until 1935. Under his ministry there were documented, 100,000 healings. Washington D.C. proclaimed Spokane the healthiest city in the world.

The church has been crying out for this healing anointing to return. After fasting for 40days, God directed Cal Pierce to re-dig this healing well that John G. Lake had dug. On May 29, 1999 he gathered over 100 intercessors from all parts of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah to re-dig this healing well. Cal began to train a ministry team to pray for the sick on June 14, 1999 and we finished this training on July 5, 1999. The healing rooms were once again open at the same location as they were under John Lake’s ministry more than 70 years ago.

Cal found that God has not changed – He is still saving the lost and healing the sick. After opening on July 22, 1999, God has been healing every kind of disease through 112 men and women from churches all over the city of Spokane who come together in unity to lay hands on the sick. These were ordinary people doing an extra-ordinary work. Healings are posted on the wall of healing rooms as they take place. Urgent prayer requests are listed on a board for intercessors to pray over during the day. Over 250 people from all over America are coming weekly to Spokane to receive prayer. Visit www.healingrooms.com/radio/testimonies.htm to hear just a few of these testimonies of God’s faithfulness.

But God wants His body healed so that His body can heal their cities, so Cal’s vision and boundaries have expanded across the United States and world-wide with hundreds of healing rooms openings.

God is no respecter of persons as God meets in the healing rooms across the world to demonstrate the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Southern Maine Healing Room is no exception — come expecting a miracle!