Southern Maine Healing Rooms is a safe, confidential place to receive prayer for your specific need.

You will be greeted by one of our team members and asked to fill an intake form. You will then be asked to view a short video from Cal Pierce, Healing Rooms Ministries founder.

While you are viewing the video both our intercessors team and prayer team will review your form which lists your specific need for prayer.


You will be invited to enter the prayer room with three prayer team members. One member will be the lead but each member may pray with you. While praying someone may have a word to share that they feel God is telling them. You also may hear a team member quietly praying in their tongues prayer language.

While you are in the prayer room, the intercessors will be in another room lifting you up in prayer.

Our expectation is that Father God will give you the healing you are needing. You are welcome to come back anytime for prayer as sometimes additional prayer is needed for your breakthrough.

Southern Maine Healing Rooms is staffed by volunteers representing the broad body of Christ and reflect many denominations and churches. They are not trained or licensed professionals of counseling, therapy or medical services. Understand we do not give any medical advice of any kind, but offer free prayer only in the Name of Jesus Christ. If you are currently taking medication, or operating under the advice of a professional service, you must allow them (your medical doctor, therapist, counselor etc.) to confirm any results of prayer received at the Healing Rooms or via email, before altering any prescribed course of action. By entering this site, you release the Southern Maine Healing Room ministry and its volunteers and staff from any liability, or perceived harm resulting from the voluntary receiving of free prayer or following any of the prayer advise found in this website or on any the other linked healing web sites.